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Start here to find the right way to treat your wheels. Buying a tyre is not just about going to a dealer and selecting an option from those offered. Your vehicle, usage, driving style and budget are all elements to consider. That is why at Olympic Tyre House we ensure our customers are educated and advised beforehand about the tyre / tires best suited for their condition and also how they should treat their wheels with utmost care.

Our Services

Service Description

Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment is an integral part towards caring for your vehicle and wheels. Accurate alignment ensures safety while driving and prolonged lifespan of your tyres. Our expert technicians recommend checking the wheel alignment whenever new tyres are fitted to your vehicle. It is important to check the wheel alignment on every 5,000 kms or every six months.

If you are unsure about the state of your tyres, drive by for a free inspection. We are equipped with the latest wireless technology that will give you a detailed report of your wheel alignment. Apart from increasing longevity, decreasing wear and tear accurate wheel alignment also ensures fuel saving and improved handling characteristics of your vehicle.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel Balancing allows the tyres and wheels to spin without causing any vibrations. This process ensures that your vehicle stands firmly on the ground with all four wheels perpendicular to the road.

Proper wheel balancing will ensure smooth driving under all weather conditions. We operate with the latest computer balancing equipment and balancing weights to guarantee that we will get your rims/alloys and tyres balanced perfectly.

Battery diagnostics

To guarantee that your vehicle functions smoothly on every start, regular battery testing is recommended. At Olympic Tyre house we provide two types of services for your battery, recharge your old battery or buy new batteries with us.

Tyre and tube replacement & repair

To regulate proper functioning of your vehicle it is important to ensure that correct measures have been adopted. This includes regular visits to Olympic Tyre House to check air pressure in your tyres and replacing or repairing worn out tyres and damaged tyre tubes when necessary.

Nitrogen Air Inflation

There are added advantages to using Nitrogen over regular air for your tyres. Nitrogen is beneficial towards increasing fuel efficiency and keeping the tyre pressure stable all through-out adverse weather conditions. .

After Sales Service

Our brand is built on our relationships with our clients as such this extends to the services we provide after the sale of our products. We educate our customers on the best possible solutions towards the maintenance of their wheels ensuring a pleasurable driving experience.

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